Be mindful of colorblindness

One of the things I address when informing others about presentation and reporting design is to be mindful of colorblindness. According to the National Eye Institute, nearly 10% of people are impacted, and the most common form is difficulty distinguishing between reds and greens.

My household consists of Buffalo Bills fans so we naturally watched their week 10 game last season against the New York Jets. That game happened to be on a Thursday night, and that game also happened to be one of the four that had distinct uniforms for the Nike Color Rush campaign. For those two teams, the campaign translated into all red and all green uniforms. For those who are colorblind, the campaign translated into frustration in spectating the game.

Last week, the NFL announced that the Bills, Jets, and Nike will get a second chance at the color rush in the upcoming season. They weren’t mindful of colorblindness the first time around, but we are anxiously anticipating they will be this time. Go Bills!

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