Pixabay has a Microsoft add-on

Pixabay is one of my favorite websites for finding free, high quality photos. The images are “free” because they are released under the Creative Commons CC0 license. That means the content creators have chosen to opt out of copyright protection so their images are free to use for almost any purpose. A few months ago, […]

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The myth of learning styles

The learning styles concept – that people will learn better if taught in ways that align with their preferred learning style – is pretty pervasive even among those in the fields of psychology and education. As a presenter of designing materials that are best for audience engagement, I often have participants ask about learning styles. […]

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Uno gets a makeover

A few days ago, Mattel reported that Uno, a decades old card game, has received a makeover. The game itself is relatively simple and is played by matching numbers or colors. For the original edition, the difficultly for some people would come in distinguishing colors from one another (to some, red and green are virtually […]

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Yes, we’re still talking about the Oscars gaffe

My husband shared a video released by Vox today on bad typography. The relevant draw is the 2017 Oscars gaffe in which the Best Picture winner was incorrectly announced and ultimately corrected. My husband and I had the pleasure of watching this infamous event live. I presented on engaging slideshow design two days after the […]

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Be mindful of colorblindness

One of the things I address when informing others about presentation and reporting design is to be mindful of colorblindness. According to the National Eye Institute, nearly 10% of people are impacted, and the most common form is difficulty distinguishing between reds and greens. My household consists of Buffalo Bills fans so we naturally watched […]

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A typeface inspired by the Queen City

I have posted a couple of times now about typeface, including Sweden’s national font and financial considerations of font choice. A couple of weeks ago, a colleague emailed me an article published by Charlotte Agenda that announced that Charlotte now has its own typeface. The title is a bit misleading because the typeface’s only tie […]

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All about that baseline

Whenever I read the newspaper, magazines, or online articles, I am pretty interested in data visualization. I like to see the story that is told by the chosen type of chart or graph, the formatting, the word choice, etc. Recently, I saw a couple of graphs in periodicals I regularly read that had a similar […]

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PowerPoint updates

Last week, a colleague tipped me off that PowerPoint announced some big changes. Microsoft will be introducing two new tools to Office 365 users: Designer and Morph. Designer will automate the design of a PowerPoint slide based on image analysis, and Morph will take animation to a new level by creating cinematic motion. Although change […]

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Design principle loopholes?

About a month ago, I presented at the NC SOPHE Annual Meeting in Hickory, NC on engaging slideshow design. After my presentation, a couple of attendees approached me with questions on whether certain design elements were ever appropriate. Of course, all of the design elements I condone or condemn are for the purposes of doing […]

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How to score photos without breaking the bank

Using quality photos in presentations, reports, web design, and the like is important. We know that photos make an impression in more ways than one, and we know that they should be high resolution. What some of us don’t realize is that we should not be using photos that are copyrighted. It’s really easy to […]