Financial considerations of font choice

In April, I blogged about Sweden’s national typeface and wondered about applications here in the United States, both at the state-level and national-level. It has long been established that we attribute personality traits to typefaces, and various entities have been capitalizing on this fact for years. Perhaps if the incentive were financial and not aesthetic, […]

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The typeface of a nation

This past fall, it was announced that Sweden had commissioned a national typeface, aptly titled Sweden Sans. It is certainly a nice looking font. I would describe it as clean and minimalist. It is an interesting notion that an entire country could attempt a strong visual identity solidified by a singular typeface. We definitely attribute […]


Microsoft moves on from clip art (sort of)

I wanted to start my blog out on a celebratory note. Nearly four months ago, Microsoft announced that they have moved on from clip art. Office users will now add images to their documents through Bing Image Search. The search results will include images tagged with Creative Commons licenses. Personally, I did not use Microsoft’s […]

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