Uno gets a makeover

A few days ago, Mattel reported that Uno, a decades old card game, has received a makeover. The game itself is relatively simple and is played by matching numbers or colors. For the original edition, the difficultly for some people would come in distinguishing colors from one another (to some, red and green are virtually indistinguishable). In partnership with ColorADD, a color-blind friendly edition is now available for purchase. ColorADD has created an accessibility system for colorblind people by utilizing iconography. The new edition includes icons next to the numbers for help in determining the color of the card.

I love the attempt at making the game more accessible and inclusive, and I certainly hope to see the trend applied elsewhere in color design. It’s worth noting, however, that the ColorADD system does have one potential flaw. A couple of color pairs share icons, and the only difference between the two is rotation. Unfortunately, these subtle differences render the iconography dependent on orientation, potentially making an accessibility system less accessible.

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